Books: The Inspirational Christian: Motivational Short Stories for Spiritual and Devotional Living (Inspirational Books)

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    Soothing and heart warming inspirational stories from a “terrific writer and bestselling storyteller”….


    We all want to live lives that represent Jesus yet we struggle in our daily Christian experience. Living like Jesus shouldn’t be hard yet for many it is still the goal to be desired. The Inspirational Christian is a timeless motivational classic that will inspire you to become more like Jesus in everyday living. This book is unlike any other. Its filled with motivational short stories that we all can relate to in improving our spiritual and devotional lives. Inside you’ll also find Ruel’s personal story about how he struggled with finding purpose for his life. This book will refresh your soul and inspire you to positively touch lives wherever you go. The Inspirational Christian exists for one reason and that is to inspire people to be more like Jesus.

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    Customer Reviews

    Five stars

    Christian stories are the most inspirational. These types of books literally keep me going. I like to read it on the way to and from work to keep me extra positive —Bridget

    Five Stars

    Helped me to learn that knowing and having a relationship with God is the ultimate key to abundance and prosperity, physically, financially, and spiritually. — Martha Schelling

    Five Stars

    This book.. this book is just too great. each chapter contains heart-melting verses that will surely make you repent for all the things you’ve done before. — Randy

    Five Stars

    Really needed to read this book. It has inspired me a lot. Thank you author! — Anne Wood

    Customer Reviews

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