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Origami Kit for Dummies

$13.0 $5.0

I’ve been learning and loving origami for nearly 30 years. What
got me started? Buried deep within me was a desire to learn a
creative art. I tried basket-weaving, macramé, and painting, but found
no real empathy with those subjects.

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The Handbook of Communication Ethics

$16.0 $8.0

The Handbook of Communication Ethics offers the most comprehensive current guide to ethical
studies across the field. No previous work has explored this fundamental aspect of communication
theory, research, and practice in broader scope. Moreover, the editors and authors have
attempted not only to represent diverse ethical topics and approaches but also to overcome the
field’s current state of fragmentation by illuminating common themes and opening new conversations
across topics and approaches.

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Love is Oxygen

$15.0 $8.0

Everyone is searching for love, but many are searching in the wrong places. Pastor Jarrid Wilson has written a lifechanging
book, Love Is Oxygen. In this gospel-centered book, Jarrid gently and thoughtfully leads the reader on a
journey to know and experience the unparalleled, unequalled, and unmatched love of God revealed through his Son.
When you get to know God intimately, you will realize that love isn’t something God does; love is who God is. Read
this book now.
Senior pastor of Life.Church and author of Divine Direction: 7 Decisions That Will Change Your Life

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Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology

$35.0 $20.0

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Technology is designed and written for students in
vocational-technical schools and colleges, community colleges, and apprenticeship
programs. The content is in a format appropriate for students who are attending
classes full-time while preparing for their first job, for students attending classes part-time
while preparing for a career change, or for those working in the field who want to increase
their knowledge and skills.

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Fluent Forever

$25.0 $12.0

Language learning is a sport. I say this as someone who is in no way qualified to speak about sports;
I joined the fencing team in high school in order to get out of gym class. Still, stabbing friends with
pointy metal objects resembles language learning more than you might think. Your goal in fencing is to
stab people automatically. You spend time learning the names of the weapons and the rules of the
game, and you drill the proper posture, every parry, riposte, and lunge. Finally, you play the game,
hoping to reach that magical moment when you forget about the rules: Your arm moves of its own
accord, you deftly parry your friend’s sword, and you stab him squarely in the chest. Point!

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Complete Fishing Manual

$17.0 $7.0

Never in a million years will I be able to fully explain why fishing has
captured me so totally. The simple art of outwitting fish has become a
burning passion for millions of people; I hope this book goes some way
toward guiding you along the path to the exciting world of fishing.

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Maid of Honor – Bridesmaid Speeches

$13.0 $6.0

You might not realize it, but the maid of honor—or even a bridesmaid—can play an important role in a wedding ceremony. Next to the bride and the groom (and possibly their parents), everyone is looking at you and paying attention to what you do.

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Best Man – Groomsman Speeches

$13.0 $6.0

One of the most anticipated events of any wedding reception is the best man’s speech. Thoughtful and witty best men will leave their audience laughing, crying, and remembering what it is that they love so much about the groom. Dull or insipid best men will bore the audience; and add nothing to the reception.

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