Health: How to Get Motivated, Live Happier, Improve Focus, and Transform Your Life in Your 40s (Boost Your Lifestyle by Changing Your Habits and Your Outlook in Life in This Simple Guide)

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    Being 40 Is Your Second Act, Not The End Of The First. – It is the start of a new phase in your life. Think about your accomplishments you have achieved in the past 40 years. Also consider the mistakes you have made and how you can avoid pitfalls in the future.

    The Clock Is Ticking. – Don’t let the little things in your life get in the way of discovering true meaning. It is better to get started finding your purpose beyond 40 now than when you are in crisis-mode. It gives you time to respond thoughtfully to any difficulties you encounter and not react automatically.

    Your Career And Money Suddenly Matter. – The future of the financial climate is difficult to predict. Money provides a sense of comfort and security which matter immensely. It is time to think about your employment status. Do you have the security you need in the job you currently have – do you even like it? The workforce is aging as the population ages so it is not a time to be intimidated by being older than your co-workers. You have some seniority now and it’s the time to use it.

    Home Should Be The Source For Peace And Not Stress. – Everything is somehow linked to where you call home. If you aren’t physically located in the place you want to be, it is time to consider moving. Old age is not the time to make such a decision. If owning a home brings more stress than security than start looking for a condominium or apartment. You may feel less weighed down without a house

    Support Network Goes A Long Way. – It is time to take stock of those around you. Relationship is important to aging well. No person is alone in his or her journey to find purpose beyond 40. Your loved ones are instrumental in your plan. You may be rocking your own boat during this time but keep in mind that they are travelling their own path as well. People whom you can rely on to have your best interests at heart and provide you comfort and direction are important.

    Your Health Needs Your Attention. – In aging, when you get behind in taking care of your body, you are faced with trying to catch up and amend past mistakes. Life beyond 40 won’t exist if you don’t care for you mental and physical well-being. With this taken care of, the other steps in finding purpose beyond 40 will be easier to take. Heath is the linchpin in having a successful live with purpose beyond 40.

    Legal Planning Allows You To Feel Secure. – You are in the your 40’s and not knocking on the death’s door – hopefully. Now is the time to make plans about how you will leave this world. It is not soon in most cases, which give you a clearer head to make decision.


    1) Ways you can stop wasting time

    2) How to erase bad habits

    3) Forgive past mistakes and learn from them

    4) How to save money

    5) How to make the most of your career/job

    6) How to figure out the geography in your life

    7) Importance of health beyond 40

    8) Ways to take care of health after 40

    9) Importance of a strong social support network

    10) Ways you can build a solid support network beyond 40

    11) Importance of creating a living will

    12) How to start building a legacy

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