How to Heal Yourself When No One Else Can: A Total Self-Healing Approach for Mind, Body, and Spirit

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    “Amy has seen the truth and can be a coach to all those who seek healing and authenticity.” –BERNIE SIEGELMD bestselling author of Love, Medicine and Miracles, and The Art of Healing

    Be You. Be Happy. Be Free.

    Using energy therapy and emotional healing techniques, How to Heal Yourself When No One Else Can shows you how to achieve complete and permanent healing by loving, accepting, and being yourself no matter what. Energy therapist Amy Scher presents an easy-to-understand, three-part approach to using energy healing for removing blockages, changing your relationship with stress, and coming into alignment with who you truly are.

    After overcoming a life-threatening illness, Amy had an epiphany that healing is more than just physical. Her dramatic story serves as a powerful example of how beneficial it is to address our emotional energies, particularly when nothing else works. Discover areas of imbalance and easy ways to address them on your healing journey. Whether you are experiencing physical symptoms and chronic illness or are just feeling lost, sad, full of anxiety, or emotionally unbalanced, this book will show you how to use intuitive self healing to change your life.


    “[Amy Scher is] an inspiration, not just because she teaches us how to take healing into our own hands, but because she’s living proof that it works.”–PAM GROUT, #1 New York Times bestselling author of E-Squared and E-Cubed

    “Amy Scher has penned a remarkable book about the pivotal role of the body, mind, and spirit in attaining true and complete healing. There is much wisdom in this book, written with exceptional clarity, love, and wisdom.”–SANJIV CHOPRA, MD MACP, Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, motivational speaker, and bestselling author of Brotherhood with Deepak Chopra
    “Amy Scher takes you on a guided journey to resolve emotional, physical, and energetic blockages that get in the way of true healing. You will feel like you have a loving expert coach by your side along the way.”–HEATHER DANE, co-author with Louise Hay of Loving Yourself to Great Health

    Amy’s Intuitive Self Healing Journey:

    How To Heal Yourself When No One Else Can was born from my own healing journey of over ten years. When nothing worked to heal me from a list of chronic illnesses and conditions including Lyme disease, chronic fatigue, autoimmune disease, and anxiety, I finally had an epiphany: If treating the body alone doesn’t solve the problem, then the body alone isn’t what created it. This realization helped me take a sharp turn in a new direction and finally address what was at the core of all my challenges: me.
    That led me on a path to discover the foundation of healing. Everything comes down to this one simple rule I learned: You must be who you really are. You must learn to love, accept and be yourself, no matter what. You can’t dim or contract your energy for others, because of fear, or anything else.

    How To Heal Yourself When No One Else Can shares with readers how to heal using the same techniques and tools that healed me permanently and completely; the same ones that have now helped me help hundreds of others. This book addresses the 4 main areas of imbalance in the mind-body-spirit: Unprocessed experiences, harmful beliefs, unhealthy emotional patterns, and fear (often described as anxiety). By clearing blocks in these areas, we are able to release all that no longer serves us, and become who we really are, instigating the body’s powerful self-healing ability.

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