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    Seventeen-year-old Zachary Sable was literally born yesterday. A powerful deceiver in Lucifer’s service, he’s just been tasked with taking human form and corrupting a small town teenage girl. The catch? None really, aside from her being protected by two archangels who have vanquished more than their share of demons. As a human he can slip in unseen by the angels, but demons can’t see him either, so he’s on his own. At least he has his small family—sort of. They’re also demons, with the same human limitations.

    His target is Emma Louise Green, the daughter of a widowed ex-pastor. With Emma ostracized from the town for the crimes of her father, how hard could it be to distract her celestial guardians and allow her demons to take hold?

    One more thing—not really a big deal since humans are frail and ugly—he’s not allowed to have sex. He can still do things… just stay away from home base. For someone like Zachary, sliding into home shines a light he can’t hide from. It’s simple; open her mind to some otherworldly inspirations, don’t go too far, and live out a human life. How long is that? Fifty years? One hundred? Success wins the command of legions, while failure results in an eternity of suffering.

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