Motivation: 2 Manuscripts Motivation, Self Discipline (leadership,self esteem,confidence)

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    Its All In Your Mind

    Don’t you ever wonder when your “lucky” break will come by.

    Why some individuals win again and again well others seem to just be stuck in their life?

    Take notice of the life you’re currently living…you believed you could achieve all the results you presently have.

    You created everything you see around you,consciously or unconsciously with your actions and Beliefs! of what you thought was possible for your life.

    The magical thing is…

    You can create any success you want out of your life… with a single belief change.

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Discover…

    • What Is Success
    • Powerful Beliefs Of Successful People
    • Changing your Mindset
    • Self-Discipline 20 of the Best Habits for Unstoppable Self-Discipline

      You’re about to discover how to…

      Start to unlock your true potential and come to the realization that you can achieve your dreams and the success you desire. Success and greatness doesn’t just happen to those who are “Gifted” or “Talented”. It happens from being disciplined and working towards your greater vision day by day…inch by inch… and moment by moment. To strive and create your own unique dreams and achievements to become the person you knew you always could be.

      Perseverance, endurance, restraint, following through, thinking before acting and carrying out plans and decisions, despite obstacles, hardships and inconvenience,self-control or the ability to avoid unhealthy excess of things that may result to negative consequences.

      All of these points are from the act of Self-Discipline.

      Which is an essential tool for anybody to obtain in their life for greater success and long-term happiness.

      Self-discipline is characterized by the ability to forego immediate and instant gratification in favor of a greater reward, even if it requires a considerable amount of time and effort.

      Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

      • The Fundamentals of Self-Discipline
      • Know and Understand the Importance of Self-Discipline in your Life
      • Be Aware of your Undisciplined Behaviors
      • Establish a Plan of Action
      • Settle your Priorities

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